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With a dedicated and passionate team made up of industry experts in packaging design and creative graphic services, we have what many customers call “the magic touch” to help turn concepts and ideas into the right look and feel for your brand. Contact Red Rider Creative today to get started on your next package design.

Retail Package


Retail Packaging that Defines Your Brand

Despite good advice to the contrary, sometimes people do actually judge a book by its cover—or a product by its packaging. Even the best products on the market might not realize their sales potential without the perfect mix of colors, styles, and shapes on the packaging. Red Rider Creative is here to help your business reach its full potential by finding just the right look and feel for your packaging needs.


We offer retail packaging for Utah businesses to help them create a unique identity for pilot products. With the combined market expertise and talents of our team, you can expect top-notch designs for your next retail product launch.

Designs that Makes

Every Product Unique


Tired of coming up with packaging that just mirrors everything that is already out there? The packaging-by-template process just leads to a lot of brands that look alike without any real differentiation. At Red Rider Creative, we push for creativity every step of the way. We start with small ideas and turn them into powerful and creative packaging concepts that will match your brand identity. From choosing the colors of your graphics to finding the right packaging material, our team is always ready to provide input.


While we will do whatever you ask to help you get your packaging right—at the end of the day, it’s your name on that product, so our motto is “Your brand, your call.” Whether it’s small tweaks to the packaging concept or a totally new design for a different product, our team is here to listen to your ideas. We make sure each collaborative effort will yield the best result and create a strong impact for your entire advertising mix.

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How We Do Retail Packaging