Media Buying

There's much more to advertising than simply creating videos, writing effective marketing copy, and providing stunning graphic design. If you don't have the right medium to reach your target audience through these methods, chances are you’re losing customers to

your competition.


At Red Rider Creative, every advertising campaign is carefully crafted to reach the right people at the right time and includes planning and media buying for Utah businesses. While you may be able to purchase media or ad space on your own, we have both negotiating experience and volume purchasing to get you the best deals possible. From online banner ads to billboard displays, we open your brand to more opportunities and extend market reach.

Finding the Right Channels


New slogan for an upcoming product? New logo for your brand? At Red Rider Creative, we make sure all your advertising gets to the right audience in your target area. We implement traditional and new media strategies to create the buzz that gets your brand noticed in an increasingly “loud” advertising space. Our dedicated media buyers will identify your target demographic and choose the channel most visible to your audience.

Media Strategies

Done Right

Smart Negotiations for Your Campaigns

You don't need to increase budget plans to get the advertising you want—at Red Rider Creative, we will negotiate the best price for every spot we place. We have the knowledge and negotiating skills to find media venues that offer a fair price for your brand's exposure so every deal is worth the time, money, and effort.


Red Rider Creative can help you turn marketing expenditures into investments with great returns for your business. Contact us today and find out how our marketing agency in Provo and Salt Lake City can bring more exposure through media buying.

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